Scala Media have developed a podcasting app called Podwhale that allows companies to record internal podcasts on topics from staff training, resources, sales updates and company newsletters. This app can be accessed through employee's mobile phones and operates in a similar way to an intranet. Scala Media engaged us to create an energetic and friendly brand identity to span across their online module and marketing communications.

what we did

Brand Identity
Brand Collateral
Style Guide



A brand style guide was developed to ensure the Podwhale brand retained a consistent brand voice across all its platforms, building brand awareness and familiarity with all the end users. A combination of primary and secondary colour palettes and corporate and personality fonts were selected to allow flexibility and the correct tone of voice.


podwhale app

Through the creation of the Podwhale app, Scala Media is creating an environment for workers where being chained to a computer is no longer the dominant work method. Podwhale clients can individually record internal podcasts, or use the services from Scala engineers to record podcasts. Podwhale is capable of hosting more than one company on this platform.


What our Clients Think

Scooter Creative have been instrumental in helping our team at Podwhale develop a masterbrand that we’re all connected to and really proud of. Throughout this project they encouraged us to find clear ways to deliver brand consistency, working in conjunction with us to develop an engaging brand and style that suited our product and personalities. Our relationship with Scooter Creative has been so successful and we’re grateful for the collaborative, friendly way they go about conducting business. Thanks Scooter, couldn’t have done it without you!.

Lisa Bender
Director of Business Development, Podwhale

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